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Really enjoyable read.

God bless~
I have never heard of Punch Buggy No Paybacks before. Nice way to teach a little bible lesson to your nieces though.
One little typo - you only texted me about it (me)...

Blessings, LaVonne
Brilliant! I could well imagine the scene. I completely believe your characters and their interaction. Awesome piece!
Such a fun punchy piece from start to finish. I also learned a new game as I've never heard of Punch Buggy No Paybacks. Great job with this.
One smart "auntie" here. I enjoyed the interaction and the Bible lesson very much.
Very enjoyable story! I love the use of the journal and the conversation that takes place in the midst of a fun gave (in my part of the U.S. it was "Slug-bug no return") I also enjoyed the use of a game the girls were familiar with to introduce them to a deeper concept. :)

Small type: "I decided (I) want to be called Ruth"
A delightful read! I enjoyed how straight forward the lesson was:) Good work here!
Your story charmed my socks off. :) What a super title and an endearing cast of characters. I love your creativity and story progression. Excellent!
Oh what fun! It sounds like you've got the tween thing figured out. Two very blessed girls! Great writing.
So cute! Enjoyed muchly - thanks!
Congratulations on ranking 19th overall! Happy Dance!