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Thanks for sharing this introspective piece that certainly was on topic!

God bless~
That last line was PERFECT. Very thought-provoking and contemplative. Perfect for the topic - thanks for sharing!
I really felt everything you were showing me. I felt the hunger pains, the temptations to break the fast, the impatience with waiting for dinner - you made me feel all of it.

The ending was particularly insightful. You did a really excellent job with this entry. Thanks for sharing it with us.
Awesome and eye-opening entry! Very well written and very thought provoking. We have no idea what it really means to be hungry do we?
This is a great reflection on the topic and so true to life for us 'first-worlders'. I've read statistics on the enormous amount of food we waste and it's been said that if world food was re-distributed we could easily feed all the hungry of the world. It's sobering, as is your excellent article. Well done.
Congratulations for ranking 13 overall! Happy Dance!