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Wow you did a stunning job with this. You helped open my eyes to see these verses in a different way than I ever have before. Outstanding.
Well written and thought provoking entry.Great job!

God bless~
Your writing was very enlightening. I had no idea that swords played such a prominent part in the Bible.

Well done!
I enjoyed this study of swords throughout the Bible. You wove it all together masterfully. Your entry was very enjoyable to read and it makes me want to go back and read certain passages of scripture again. Well done.
This is a great display of masterful writing. I'm so thankful that I am not on the cutting end of that final blade!

Thanks for sharing this with us!!!
No amount of polish could further enhance this well written piece, that you threw together in about two hours. It moves and flows and methinks I know Who inspired you to write this. Sometimes my best pieces are what I call "vomited" out. Not a great term for it, but it is how I feel when I cannot stop writing something and then find that I had learned quite a bit from it. Maybe I should replace "vomit" with - prayerfully, inspired?
I love all of the many opportunities for word-studies within the word of God. Thank you for this one. I can hardly wait to see our Lord on His horse with that sword coming out of His mouth as He comes in all His glory to put all things right. Thank you for showing us that God will indeed have the last say with His sword of truth carried by TRUTH Himself. You really brought the topic alive and the Bible alive with all of your marvelous descriptions.
You have tackled this topic very creatively and brought out some interesting biblical occurrences of the sword. Well done.
Congratulations on ranking 6th in Masters and 18 overall!