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Wow. This is spectacular. Not only did it mesmerize me but I learned quite a bit that helps pull things together in my mind. You did a fabulous bit of writing on this intense piece.
Unique take on the topic. If you wrote this in two hours I can't imagine what you might have done with more time. Great job drawing your reader in. You had my attention all the way through.
A compelling read on the scene from a different perspective. Amamzing that you could pen so well in two hours.
I know the answer about penning so well in two hours, it was the Holy Spirit writing through you. This was so rich and put me right there with the heart and mind of the MC and all he was observing and thinking. You described so well what one had to do to be a righteous, practicing Jew at the time. I am so glad the MC saw how contradictory the actions of his fellow pharisees were with the practice of a loving God. I loved every minute of this. You paint your character's and describe scene's so well. You also do a great job with the telling of Biblical history. Thanks for this great piece and I am so glad you threw a brick or I might never have found it.
Great insights into your MC's mind and heart, and good detail for the story's background - without labouring the point.
I like the open-ended close, which softens the harsh judgement in repsonse ot Jesus' prayer from psalm 22. Good work.
You stunned me with this testimony from your MC's POV.
I hadn't ever considered the Pharisees and other religious leaders conscience's being pricked...
Well done!
Wonderful. I love this. Thank you . . .
I am so glad this piece took 11th over all and 10th in your level. This is a stunning piece and your talent for Biblical fiction is priceless... Have a glorious Lord's day, Blessings to you...
Congratulations on placing 10 in level four and ranking 11 overall!