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Awww. I loved this! Thank you so much for writing this touching piece.

God bless~
This is a brilliant piece. You touched my heart in ways I could never envision. I've never seen nor read Pollyanna but I think I will now. I love your fresh approach of the topic. You did an awesome job of showing depression and grief. Kudos on this well-written piece.
Aaahh...a happy ending, so glad to see her pull out of her depressions and spruce up her life with little things. This is the kind of story I love. Brightened my day just to read it. I think I might go buy myself some pretty sparkling costume beads. Very well done.
So touchingly beautiful. I cried with her and blossomed with her.

Because He lives and loves . . .
I need to rent Polly Anna again with that delightful Haley Mills. This piece made me cry with happiness which is definitely the best way to cry. You definitely did justice in your marvelous re-telling of the story. God is so good to bring things like that (and real life people as well) into our lives when we most need it. Great job also of showing us at the end all of the ways that Mara had added color back into her life. I'm with Lynn makes me want to buy something special for myself especially since I have been depressed after just injuring my finger (I'll find out next week if it is broken). So thanks for this most delightful entry!
I really enjoyed your lovely story of Mara and how she came to add 'accents' back into her life, best of all a smile. Thanks.
I love happy endings! Your story drew me in and kept my attention. I wanted to see what would happen. Thanks for ending it with a smile. Blessings.
So many thoughts came to mind while reading this. First, that even in the gloomiest parts of our lives, God lives as an ember, ever burning ("Dark Night of the Soul). Then do not ill consider the slightest moment of new beginning. I've often considered God sends these messages to us in tiny parcels of light and sound; and as you've described: color. And finally too, so often the elite and sophisticated discount the "fluff" of such writings as Pollyanna - this is to their misfortune because from it all truths can be willowed. Great job!
I really enjoyed reading of your MC's rejuvenation!
Grief to hope in little increments.