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This sure brings back memories! I remember my parents' old black manual typewriter that I wrote some of my first stories on as a kid. In high school I learned to type on an electric, and later we had "Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing" on one of our first computers. Interesting piece!
I enjoyed the timeline of the typewriter (although my personal timeline was a little different: It was only twenty years ago that I sat in my dad's camera repair shop, clankity, clanking on his manual typewriter, and 19 years ago that I entered my very first college course, which was electronic typewriting). And, I enjoyed learning the history of the QWERTY keyboard.

When you mentioned the similarity between the types of typewriting, I thought, "Hands on Home Row!" and I was sure you were going to lead into something about how, no matter how much the world or technology progresses, we've learned to keep our hands on Home Row...and maybe then relate it to Jesus... but I guess that is one way to go, and maybe that was the 'predictable' direction.

In any case, your direction was a unique and intersting application of the theme, "Key."
Great job with the topic in this entertaining piece. I really loved the whole thing.
Thanks. God bless~
As a two-finger typist whose textbook was written by Hunt and Peck, I found this very informative, even if it doesn't improve my typing speed. Well done.
Did not know the history of QWERTY. Great perspective piece, and well-written. Held my attention from beginning to end.
Congratulations on ranking 14th overall!