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I thought we might have been treated to some privacy here, but urine-atural bladdermouth!
But seriously, within the tension you've expressed a healthy dose of self-deprecating humour in your faith.
Very enjoyable read.
I’ve always said good nurses are “earth” angels, so a real angel posing as an “earth” angel doesn’t seem so far-fetched. This was a humorous and very entertaining read!
Hysterical! What a tribute to nurses! Loved this . . .
Giggles over Noel's comment!
Very well written! I enjoyed it!
Comical tribute to health care workers usually under staffed and underpaid! Been there and done that and am all to familiar with those copious fluids coming from numerous angles...
Your wonderful story gave me even greater appreciation for nurse-angels!
My Mom was an old RN who worked my night shifts and extra shifts. This reminded me of some of her stories. Except for the wonderful "Angel." Thank you for a heartwarming read.

God bless.
Loved this! You did a wonderful job with this entire read, and right on topic as well.

God bless~
Loved the inner dialogue the MC had going with herself... (from your throwing a brick comment) -- I thought this was a very original and clever piece of writing. Also, loved the ending, the very familiar and casual way the MC had with the God she served. Well done.
Congratulations on ranking 23 overall!
You did a great job of putting the reader right in the middle of the situation with its urgency. What an amazing story, too, wow! I was captivated.