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This is an adorable story. I really enjoyed watching the gradual change in the MC. When I was a kid my first job was working the fruit stand. I had to get up at 3 am and work super hard for $10. But it really is one of my fondest memories of childhood. I learned so much doing that job. Your story took me back to that wonderful carefree time in my life.
Awww sheer delight to read. It was a refreshing trip back to days of yesteryear!

Nicely done! God Bless~
A most enjoyable read. It was easy to empathise with your MC, Clyde, as he tried to sell his produce. Thanks.
Ah, I really liked this story. It was filled with word pictures of all the delicious produce on your stall - and the plumbs being sniffed by that crusty nose! It flowed well to a satisfying ending. Great job.
Oh, I loved this. So cute, and I loved the end.
Congratulations on your worthy win Myrna. Well done.
I really like your story and your writing.
I didn't understand your use of quotes around pinch and quits. It'd be better to drop those, in my opinion.
Also, I wish you would have taken more time (more words) for the ending...prolonged it a little bit and made it stronger.
Your descriptions are really good and the quality of your writing has a natural flow. Very nice.
Congrats on 2nd place!!
Congrats...God Bless~