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Been there, done that! LOL. Yes, this brought back some terrifying-- and terrific-- memories of my own dark days of high school and mad crushes and both non-reciprocating and reciprocating responses. Dreamboat Bradley wins points with me for the wink. ;)
Oh I am so glad he was such a nice guy and winked at her! Of course, I take the story way beyond this in my mind, enjoying every little detail (think engagement, wedding, kids - yep, as I used to!) and reliving a time of my life that I both loved and hated (don't we all!). Well done.
Loved your "dreamboat" here. Your story would resonate with every one of us who had crushes in school on the handsome hunks, and, for sure, all of them were not so kind. I enjoyed your story very much.
08/06/11 sweet. That's just how we want our dream to begin, for sure!
This is a really charming story. I particularly liked the way you wrote the interaction between Bradley and his friends. I could 'see' and 'hear' it in my mind. Great job!
A very interesting cute story of a normal girl's crush on a nice bloke. Great!
Real "time machine" material here, with the dreamboat turning out to be a little more noble than his gang. Very enjoyable.
A very nice story.I like it!
Well told story of high school days and our silly ways and times when hearts were so easily crushed – so Bradley wins “super good guy” award for not telling who she was and for that wink! But that note the boys so easily brushed off as nothing, was everything to Serena in that moment! Lessons we could still remember when we are tempted to brush off what we consider someone else’s silly feelings. Good job on this!
Congratulations on placing 10th in Masters and 18th overall!