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Very poignant. I wasn't sure what was up with the MC at first, thinking maybe he was afflicted with autism. But by the end I realized it was agoraphobia. This was a tender piece and I love how you gave both the reader and the MC hope for a better future by the end of it.

Great job!
HOPE! (That about says it all!)
Wow! Great job describing the fear that gripped her, but I love the hopeful ending.
You defined agoraphobia right to a "T". But you didn't stop there, you gave the girl hope and promise and courage and faith--all the things we take for granted but others, suffering from this illness would give anything to have.
Beautifully done, my friend!
A sad tale. but I am glad the mc sees hope in future ventures out into the world. Many people live that life and don't even know it. Nicely done.
This is extremely well done! While I can only imagine the feelings of your agoraphobic MC, you laid it all out there and gave me an understanding I didn't have before. Thank you.
Congratulations, Debbie. You have one of my favorite voices I have never heard. Well done again.
agoraphobia is a much misunderstood condition. It is or can be, totally disabling to the person. You did a fine job of defining your MC's feelings. Kudo's on the HC.
Wow! Great Story!
Good job Debbie! Congratulations!