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This was funny! I enjoyed this a lot. I am pretty technical. I have been Iming for many years, but my twelve yr old has text messages that she has to translate for me.

I imagine you had a lot of fun writing this hilarious story. I can see this all happening. I enjoyed this!
I'm more Betty on this one. My three teenage grandsons are in another world at times. Loved this.
This was funny, but it made me feel sad, too. I'd hate to think that Adrian was out there rolling his eyes at his mom because she couldn't understand his abbreviations. Thanks for a great story!
As someone very near Adrian's age, this one did inspire a few eyerolls. Still, fun to read.
I have used my S-I-L's Skype to converse while seeing the person I'm talking to, while they are seeing me. Is Skype used for texting also? From my very limited understanding, that is all I though Skype did. Even so, I enjoyed being lost in your story.
Very enjoyable read. I enjoyed the characters and the "Gap." God bless your writing.
I enjoyed this immensely, but seeing how this initialing has spilled over into everyday writing, I'm glad I don't have to grade student essays anymore.
Cute story.