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Instead of a paintbrush you painted with words. This is gorgeous. I love the ethereal/Imperial rhyme!
Loved your creative descriptions. This is a poem I'd like to read again. Nice work.
This is absolutely beautifully written--the imagery is superb. Great job.
How absolutely beautiful! I felt like I was watching a master craftsman at work, filling in layer after layer until the painting was complete and perfect. You are indeed a craftsman with words and if this entry doesn't win both EC and your level placement too, then I'll be very sorely disappointed.
This is beautiful. The description reminded me of a comment my daughter made. There was a beautiful sunset on my birthday. I told her that was God's birthday present to me. Much later there was a gorgeous sunset and she said,"Look it must be someone's birthday." This poem reminded me of the wonderful gift God gives us everyday.
Am wondering if you can paint pictures as well as you describe them? Awesome poem, as always:)
Thanks for sharing this meaningful rhyme about the Great Artist's wonderful creativity. Great work! Colin
Loved the imagery! As I read it I was amazed at how well it fit the topic, and how descriptive each line was. After I read it I realized how the title worked into the storyóI enjoy those golden nuggets!
My favorite stanza was near the end (actually, it was just the one above the end, and that was the stanza that explained the title =D ). It said that all the beauty God shows us in our Fallen World is just a foreshadowing of the unimaginable beauty of what's to come in the New Earth. I can't wait until then!!!!!
May we bring many others to Christ so that they may share in that glorious day as well!
Such a beautiful poem! To me, nothing speaks of God's glory as well as a sunrise - you captured it in all its majesty.
Beautiful. So perfect for this topic. Loved it.
What a colorful and exquisite portrait of beauty. God's beauty! Loved forever day and the clouds that play in heaven's fields.
I hope someday I can write descriptions half as well as you, Verna! Simply beautiful
I never get up early enough to see a sunrise. But now I know what I'm missing. Thank you.
Yes, you truly are an artist with words. I too will be very surprised if this doesn't end up an EC! Beautiful!
Beautiful... especially loved the ending. Nothing we can see on this side of eternity will compare to seeing Jesus face to face! Thanks so much.
Absolutely brilliant and lovely. I could see all of it...your imagery is powerful and you painted a beautiful picture with words.
Our heavenly Painter and Artist whose brush brings forth His masterpiece. A poem beautifully written—describing the great magnificence of His creation!
Congratulations for placing in the top 15 of your level and in the top 40 overall!