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Loved this story. Could see & almost hear this woman & her saxophone. My favorite phrase: "her death was only the bridge between choruses".
What a beautiful story! I loved your descriptions all the way through. Excellent writing.
I am wowed by the beauty of your words. This is poetic prose at its best. What a clear picture you painted. Two sentences leave me breathless:
Her grave is a mere breath mark on the sheet music. Her death was only the bridge between choruses. Again...Wow!
This is beautiful. My favorite line is "... reverberate through the finite ocean that brought sound to my newly knitted ears." I immediately thought of Psalm 139: "For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb." You painted a wonderful picture with your words.
Just splendid in so many ways.

Michele: words cannot express the beauty of Stage Right and the emotions it elicited in me. I love that death is not an ending and that at the marriage supper, sipping the wine, we will join in worship with those we have loved that have gone on before us.
You are a master writer.
I am in awe! Just amazingly beautiful writing, insight and emotions expressed. Superb.
My heart is so warmed at your adoration for your mother, the highest honor that a mother can have bestowed upon her. You painted such wonderful imagery within the womb. I will always remember your phrase: her death was only the bridge between choruses.
This is, quite honestly, one of the most beautiful stories I've ever read on FaithWriters--masterful and deeply meaningful in every way. I can relate to it very well, because my son "attended" so many (classical) concerts with me before he was born. "Before I had a voice, I knew song." Oh, I love that line! Exceptional.
I don't know how you do it -- except to know that you allow that Divine Gift to flow through you. The wording is too good to be believed; at times it felt almost scriptural. What a delicious piece of writing!
Absolutely profound writing! Thanks
You made this story musical somehow. Excellent.
And her song goes on in you and through her gift to you. You have a true mastery of words. All I can say is "Wow"!
What a lovely tribute to your mother. I love how you used this week's theme so adequately. Thanks for sharing this sweet story.
I know it's not until next week's posts that we focus on taste, but I was feasting on this piece.

Unbelievable! Your word-crafting, the thematic use of words carefully placed for best effect-- oh, it was yummy.

And what a beautiful tale-- this feels like a novel, though it sounds like maybe more of a memoir.

Oh Chely! You could have ended this after the first two paragraphs and it would have felt complete, but no... you dug in and lyrically took us on a beautiful journey. I loved all the musical tones in this piece. loved it. so very much loved it.
This is rich and warm, like the notes played from a saxophone. I love your ending. Congrats Chely!
This is so beautifully written that it filled me with peace. A well deserved win for these gifted words.
Congratulations on your win! This piece is so extraordinary that it should have received a special honor, easily above first place. I'll read it again and again, and picture you sitting off to the side, watching and worshipping your mama as only a child can do. Big time Kudos!
This was wonderful and so deserving of its high ranking. You told it well and as a saxophone player, I was enthralled. Awesome!
I could visualize every moment with you. Very nice job...congrats on finishing in the Editors top ten, very
This is truly special - I believe it is the most beautiful tribute I've ever read. You wrote it in such a poetic way. It's one of those that "stays" with you as a reader. Congrats on your 2nd placing.
Cheley, I love the era of bands and smokey music halls, VFW posts and parties you evoke with your words. I can see this lady, her music moving her, in vivid detail. A well deserved win! Lovely.
Oh wow! Beautiful. Awesome writing. So much emotion.
This is beautiful. I especially loved the opening.