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No character names, 750 words exactly and she/he think it's going to win. HMPH! it probably will, it probably will.
It's out-of-the-box-brilliant! This kiddies is why they are in Masters. Well done!
Oh, wow, this was too good! The dialogue is right on, I had no trouble following the back and forth conversation. So much to love about this!
This was too cute and funny! The dialog was just like real people!! Loved it!
Enjoyed the dialogue-glad it ended happily!
I snickered throughout it. It was quite entertaining.
SO much fun - great voices masterfully done.
Very enjoyable. I wonder how it would have read with a little narration, however. Might be an interesting comparative exercise to do?
No tags, loved it! I also chuckled throughout. At least this couple will never have a communications problem. :)
I'm really digging your experimental writing. Very different, eminently satisfying.
My only quibble would be that your title was maybe a little weak.
Very realistic, unfortunately!
A classic in marital communications! So true! :-)
Ok, for this having only dialog it read fast and smooth. I loved the pace. great job.
I love your dialogue-only story. It's exceptionally well done.
Love it!
This is simply honest roll-on-the-floor-laughing-until-my-family-asks-what's-so-funny humor. I have to say this made my day. Thanks.
This was a riot! …then LOL "mother has a colon problem" What fun to overhear this conversation! :)
What a blast! I felt just like I was a fly on the wall. Talent and skill on display.

Told you it was exceptional! Congratulations!
High five! Nice to see an old friend from DeFuniak in the Top Three!
Congrats on your Editor's Choice award!
Congrats on your EC! Great entry!
Too real and funny nevertheless! Congratulations!
LOL! This is great. I loved the line "pregnant with displeasure." Perfect! Congratulations on the win! It was well deserved!
Brilliant! This dialog-story left no doubt ever who was talking, and I actually LOLed. :-D Huge congrats on your well deserved EC!!!
Wonderful! So realistic. When did you have time to write this?
The dialog here is absolutely pitch-perfect. I felt like I knew this couple. Great job at capturing the subtle nuances of a conversation! Congratulations!
Oh...this was awesome and so realistic. Takes 25 years to get to this point of "disagreement." Loved it, brilliant! Congratulations.