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It's amazing the stories that can come out of our most 'humdrum' hygiene issues! Well told & humerous. Sure hope those ears heal without lasting damage tho'. :0)
Fun story! Oops is right-but he asked for it!
I love your title but your descriptions were a bit too real: ewwww. Poor guy. This is an oww and an oops.
Yikes! I hope hubby's ears will recuperate. Great retelling of a true story. Maybe I'm just over-exposed to the word "oops" this week, but I think the ending would have been stronger without the interjection in the last sentence. (Again, that's probably just due to repetition of the prompt this week). Awesome entry!
I have a feeling if the next topic is eeww!, you will have no problem finding many wonderful words to tell yet another story. I'm glad it's the middle of the night when I'm reading this and not while I'm eating. You gave me a picture in my mind that is horrible. Great job!
We go thru this with my husband. I don't syringe, I candle.

But just as yucky! Great writing.
A disgustingly good story. :)
Great title. This sounds like an awful job, and an equally awful experience for your husband -not something you would wish to end with an "oops." That's for sure!
I think this would have also worked well for the "Ow!" topic, too. At least, that's what I kept thinking while I read it! I know I would never, never, NEVER try this with my own or anyone else's ears, and I admire your (and your husband's) bravery. :) Well told!
Your marrige vows must have said "...for better or nurse...". Your fella got the real deal. Great writing.
Aahhh, the joys of growing old gracefully .... Well-earthed material. With all that wax my interest never waned - it poured!