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I love Espinosa, and I'm absolutely sold on her boyfriend, too. I enjoyed the way the story moved. Excellent writing!
Excellent writing. Thank goodness the "green-eyed" monster did not win out. I really liked your MC and the fact that she finally made the right decision, "effectively leaving her green period behind."
I absolutely love your title and the concept. It got my "slow" brain working before I started reading. :) Darlene made me LOL… I know someone just like her. :) I was totally warmed by the recurring Iowa theme (dreams come true) *smile*.. Enjoyed the contrast between the parents "philosophies" and the finger-painting analogy. This may be "light," but the message is profound.
I was wondering if anyone would mention Salieri's angst to Amadeus and consider working it into their theme. I'm glad to see someone did. However, unlike Salieri, it seems Espinosa was able to rise above and slay her green-eyed monster, by a simple resolution to be herself and settle down with a man who will help her through this green period with his own level-headed and natural instincts, I'm sure.
Wonderful piece. Just the right combination of realistic dialog, narrator’s tone, and cultural references that theater people would know.

Espinosa’s an interesting name. The best I could come up with is this is another hidden “green” reference: Eden ESPINOSA played Elphaba the GREEN witch in Wicked on Broadway and elsewhere.

Anyway—great entry!
This was a shade of brillant...absolutely loved the ending. Perfect message, and perfectly on topic. :)
The motivation of our jealousy can set us on a wild goose chase in life. Always good when get back on the right track. Enjoyed this true to life story, Thanks. Colin
Such rich characterization in so few words.

I really enjoyed reading this, and liked the decision your MC made. Very well done.
Very true to life characters and dialog.
Really enjoyed it
Great pace
Brilliant! I aspire to write something as great as this.
Interesting title followed by great opening line drew me into this piece. This moved well and I really enjoyed the nuances in your descriptions and the use of the topic throughout. Nice resolution/message in conclusion.
You definitely picked the better title--sublime--as always!
You pack so much into such a short space. Had to re-read a few times to get "it," but sure didn't suffer in that! You weave everything in so tight, like a gorgeous tapestry.
Awesome piece of work here:)
I'm amazed, as always, by the quality of your writing, and how much profound truth you can convey with few words. Wonderful characters, wonderful story!