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Scary...very scary...
In a way this reminds me of Robert Herrick's poem: "Gather ye rosebuds while ye may,
Old Time is still a-flying:
And this same flower that smiles to-day
To-morrow will be dying." Which may of course mean, we should eat desert first: ). However and more seriously, the tone and intent of this article is ominous and the fact it shadows the philosophy today's "enlightened" leaders is concerning. The closing paragraph regarding entitlement could not be more spot on; and yet there are those who would "lick the hand raised to shed their blood." Shamefully duped, irresponsibly unconcerned. An expertly written, thought-provoking satire.
Oops, of course I meant eat dessert first. Eating desert, it seems, comes later. (Wish there were an edit button for comments : )
This is a satire I'm not laughing at--it's raw honesty is too scary. . . and I continue to pray. Your acronym for this piece was perfect!
I cut and pasted the C.R.A.P. piece and have shared it with the many people who have forwarded so many pieces concerning the present administration. I have no doubt they will thoroughly enjoy it. No, this isn't "scary." Man may think he's in control, but those of us who write for FaithWriters know better, right?
Wow, this was so clever! The acronym was so perfectly placed throughout the piece, and it made me laugh out loud every time. This could be a SNL skit, if SNL wasn't bent so far in the other direction; heck, they would endorse this kind of C.R.A.P.! Loved, loved, loved your witty satire.;)
You've been reading the health care reform bill... What page was this on? :) VERY clever work here!
Wonderfully sharp, albeit a bit painful. Especially liked the addition on the end!
This is spot-on of the rhetoric being heard today...well written and very creative.
Amusing but hopefully this will never come to pass. You know "whatever a man thinketh"...
I saw the acronym as soon as I read the title. and the ending...? C.R.A.P. number full of it.

Sheri, this was a fabulous satire, albeit very close to home. Congratulations!
Good for you!! I love writing political satire, but I've never had the courage to write one for the challenge. This is exceptional. It would be hilarious, if it didn't sound so eerily POSSIBLE. Congratulations!!
I wondered who wrote this incredible piece. :) Congrats, Sheri! :)
Congratulations, sweet woman! I am so glad this placed...Hugs!