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A cogent argument for restoring the age of maturity to 21. And to think that they can get married and produce offspring!
This was so tongue-in-cheek funny. I can't help but think that that antique wooden desk with the burn marks will someday be a real marker for this young man's coming of age. And the concluding question asked by the narrator, must be, I'm sure, a rhetorical one.
I loved this humorous account of a mother's view of 18 year olds as adults. I was there once, and I remember: it's not happening overnight, Dear.
I appreciate you writing this story.
"the as-yet-to-be-developed-rational-decision-making part of his brain,"...I LOVED this. How well put!...Whether 18, as in the case of your son, or 19, as in my case (depends on where you live, when one becomes an adult). I think the wisest thing, and one you mentioned, is that the brain is not fully developed until into the 20's. I think the "old fashioned" rule of "21" being declared the legal age of majority has its merits...But as some would say, one is an adolescent from age 12 to age 25...So, and 18--or 19-year-old still has a lot of growing up to do...Helen
Written from the wisdom of true, experienced adulthood perplexed at how the world declares "adulthood" by the number of years a "child" has lived...go figure. I laughed at at the mom sitting there watching the clock and waiting for her son to transform into an adult!
Well written, tongue-in-cheek commentary. Enjoyed this immensely.