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All moms can relate to this--no matter what generation they grew up in. This was so authentic. I felt as if I was sitting in the kitchen with this family--amusing story.
I was with you every step of the way---sure I was NEVER going to be THAT mom till I heard myself saying some of the same things I'd heard my mom say--not all, mind you. I enjoyed this immensely. It's humorous and real.
Absolutely real-life. I enjoyed it, especially because I've always tried not to be 'that' mom, too (to no avail, of course). Loved it.
This was great! Very funny and very real. I felt like I was sitting in the kitchen and dining area watching this scene take place.
I tell you what's REALLY scary--I look in the mirror sometimes and see my mom. *sigh*

This has such a great voice--I love the dry wit (my favorite kind). Wonderfully entertaining!
Hehe - SOOOOO fun! Really got a kick out of this one! Great read.
You are too "with it"! You wrote this fun piece! Only cool moms would write something like this.
Hee-hee! What a funny, true-to-real-life piece!! :D I especially chuckled at these lines:

"I do remember pontificating once or twice about what would Jesus do and treating friends with respect, blah, blah, blah, but it didn’t sound nearly so nerdy coming from me. It sounded…wise."

Good writing here! :)

interesting women's stuff. I must be really be square or is it round now? Didn't understand your with-it jargon. Then I'm English and very un-cool.

Thanks - Colin
This story is "the Bomb"! Like it is Bad!
I don't think we can ever really be a cool mom. Great story.
I love this! (And not just because your MC cooks like I do.)
So "totally sick" is a good thing now? I'm soooo not cool.

Loved the voice in this. The ending made me smile. Well done.
CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR EC for this excellent piece! :)
Been there, though not as a Mom. Great story. Perhaps we will find easier acceptance from our grandkids.
Very amusing entry. You carried me with you all the way. Well done!
Whoops! That was goofy. I was logged in as my other half. And have been for the last half dozen congrats I've posted. Sorry!
Such a delightful snapshot of real-life, told in such a readable, relate-able way.

Your story got me to thinking what my "Dad" version of this story might be.

Thanks for the moment of our humanity.