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The emotions expressed on both sides of the car are so touchingly and achingly real. The setting of the piece within a late, speeding car on a stormy night was a perfect backdrop for the unfolding story.

Both sides playing offense then defense against the other – until that shocking moment when they find themselves hurling toward a stopped object in front of them. Although it was not until after the crash; but it none-the-less changed everything, petty differences, and insurmountable mountains suddenly non existent. Great writing and the title is the kind that leads one to look just a bit deeper while reading.
Dynamic and raw. You know a story is well-written when you ache as you experience it. This one does that to me. Christian marriages ought to be so much more successful...but, they fail as well.
Your characterizations are really strong here as we identify with both desires to be respected and loved. I think that's necessary in every marriage. Your ending shows there is hope. This is a story I'll keep thinking about. Good writing, for sure.
Why must we sometimes wait for that jolt to realize that we love and cherish our spouses? Stories like this encourage us to use every married day wisely. Thank you for sharing.
There is an intensity to this argument--one of many they've had, obviously--but the love they have for each other surfaces immediately.

It's a great reminder for us to demonstrate in word and deed, those we hold dear in our hearts. May we all resist the devil in our marriages. His sole purpose for us is to kill and destroy healthy relationships.

All this is conveyed in your expert writing and made so real to the reader. Great job.

Spot on writing on a crumbling marriage. I love the idea of putting a 'Do not call' sign up! Unfortunately though, it's not the way it works is it? Well told
This exposes some raw, but truthful sore we'd rather hide behind. Letting the world come into the marriage and closing out what's really important.
This is more real than you can even begin to imagine. But in a crisis the love always finds its way to the surface. My husband and I have been married for 33 years...what gets me is that, after all these years of marriage when we do have a spat, we can even finish each others arguments. Thanks for sharing such an emotional story.
Superb writing and a great message. I particularly liked your use of italics to emphasise the depth of feeling in the confrontational dialogue
Powerful...moving...and all too real. Very well written.
I like you title "The World Came Calling" in relation to this, "If only we could have put our marriage on a Do Not Call list." This is excellent (the setting, the characters, the dialog, everything)!