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Your very last line is priceless, it sums up this wonderful piece quite nicely! I loved the image of the waves as dignified gentlemen, I have never thought of it that way before and I like the image I have in my mind now-wonderful job on this! ^_^
This is so rich in descriptions and comparisons that you don't hear every day. Very beautiful! I love the playfulness and gentlemanly ways of the ocean. Gorgeously done! I too love the last line-moved my heart.:0) Thx for writing this and for letting the Lord pen through you.
This lovely piece will inspire me to view the ocean waves in a poetic manner in the future. The rhyme and meter were A+ and this fit the topic perfectly.
Your poem is lovely, full of evocation and beauty. Very well done.
I love the imagery here:

"Like a crowd of courtly gentlemen,
Who bow with a most charming grace,"

As always, you've written a lovely poem. Kudos.
I could hear both the sounds of the ocean and the message - both so peaceful and calming. Your words rolled in with the wind and waves and the last line was perfect.
What a lovely, lovely tribute.
Loved the rhyming rhythm here and the visual of tossing hats, filled pockets and courtly gentleman. I could smell the salty air. Thank you for sharing this. GREAT use of the topic.
I grew up in San Diego and could relate to your imagery of the ocean waves. Your descriptions fit perfectly as to the nature of waves. The message of encouragement was lovely as well.
Loved the "Carry rich gifts in their pockets..." section. Great with topic. Well done.
So refreshing, descriptive and lyrical. Read it to hubby who has been painting some beach scenes.
Yes, I never cease to wonder why God cares for me.
What a beautiful picture you painted. I've only seen the ocean a few times, but I could actually hear the breakers. Strange, but I never even thought about the ocean when I was trying to think of an "in and out" entry. Great Job. Love the last part.
Blessings, Patty
Lovely images, Verna, and the rhythm of the verse fits the ocean waves as well. Very vivid pictures painted with words. Beautiful!
Wonderful - from the title, all the way through to the perfect ending. So nice. You're really helping this reader to appreciate poetry!
Gentlemen bowing... I LOVE that image!
I love this. Really beautiful. I'm lucky enough to live within a few miles of the sea and visit it often, so it holds a special place in my heart. The last lines of your poem will stay in my mind and give one of my favorite things an even deeper meaning, now. Thanks!
I am in awe of the images portrayed here. This is just so, so good.
Beautifully written... LOVE your word choices in this!
Wonderful! I love the images here. Of all the "ins and outs" I thought of, I didn't think of the ocean. Perfect! Great job, as always. I am in awe of your ability to rhyme words and make it look so easy. You're a champ!
I love this, Verna! Living by the ocean, I see the wonder of it everyday.
This was an extremely creative take on this week's topic. Your poetry is so vivid, I could picture the waves rolling in and out. How you do this every week is amazing to me.