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Tremendous. Great writing, and what a message.
You created such a "delicious" atmosphere, I was actually getting hungry and wanting to know where this delightful place was. The proprietor was so neighborly, I know his place would have been a regular stop for me. And, if invited, I would have been at the party, too! This was a very apt way to show how our actions (hot/cold/lukewarm) so often affects others. Great story telling and dialogue, too.
What a personal delight this story was for me. The food---Mediterranean---is my favorite in the world with olives, feta, hummus, as staples in our refrigerator.

And the undaunted, good-natured proprietor totally reminded me of my beloved father. If he had owned his own restaurant, he would have been the embodiment of your mc. I have so missed him over the past twenty-three years. Thank you for writing this.
I was pulled in my your strong characterizations, especially Papa. You could build a whole series of stories around him.
SO excellent. Loved it. All the yummy details but especially the hidden meaning. Thank you. Very creative.
Very clever allegory!
Wonderful! I wonder, was it a "wedding feast"?? :D
I liked the interaction of the characters, too. Very good writing.
This was very good! Sometimes we need to remember to allow ourselves to try new things and to be open. I get stuck in my rut, and have trouble with doing things that I don't know about.
First you made me hungry, then I smiled as I caught the connection of your characters and the topic at the end. Nicely done. ;)
This is allegory at its best! Well written and thought provoking. Oh, to always be like Mr. Redd Hot, but too often, I fear that Papa may have found me to be more like Luke Warm and I.C. Cold. Great job!