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Very interesting interpretation of the topic. I'm not sure I could admit to my Bible study group what your MC admitted, but I liked this. It held my attention throughout.
Forget the dream book--sounds like pre-menopause.:-)
I enjoyed your story very much.
Ah, the word count gremlin got ya.

My attention was arrested from the first sentence, to its end...such a good job moving it along...but I just would have loved to have read more, to have her come to a full understanding of the wisdom of God, etc.

Some stories just can't be given their true justice in a short word count.
This cracked me up! I think it's an awesome satire of how we sometimes tend to over-spiritualize even the most trivial and mundane things. I loved it.
I find it very very very cute that the character goes "a little overboard" in trying so hard to be Godly. Sigh. I wouldn't mind meeting more like her! A real run read!
This was very out-of-the-box. LOL. Good job:)