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Thanks for call back the past! I now also require the services of a Therapist. And no I have never seen a pair of 'Blue suade shoes' either. But they were the "good old days" in a fun way, pity we all have to grow older physically but mentally we will always be "Forever young."
I was wondering and wondering where your m.c. was headed and smiled when she arrived; it sounded, like the right destination.
I can sing the songs you mentioned form memory, too. Frightening thought.

Loved your MC's voice. Nicely done.
I love the stream-of-consciousness feel about this story--it's just absolutely right with your character. The nostalgia was great, too!
What a great voice; completely meshed with the character. Great title, too:) The whole thing was so entertaining...loved it.
I really liked this! I wonder though if I should end up at the therapist. I'm pretty sure my thought processes sound a lot like this! I could certainly relate to the "yo-yo" thoughts and I know that I arrive at places in my mind and then try to figure out how in the world I got there!
I enjoyed your nostalgic humor. :) A yo-yo is perfect for the topic. Very clever work!
Entertaining piece, as some have already mentioned, maybe I to should seek out her therapist :) Well done!
To me, your MC appears perfectly sane. I'm certain those images and sounds are simply a result of the silver fillings in her teeth - it happens all the time. That's because there's a conspiracy between dentist and psychiatrist, don't you know - : ) : ) : ) Rock On, indeed this was a wonderful, entertaining read!
Delightful. One of my favorites this week.
What a delightful read. I remember too well all of these items/songs as well. This tale certainly ages the reader. :)
I laughed the whole way through. Funny contrast between AM radio and GPS. This was my favorite line--"I sang the lyrics flawlessly, and yet, I have no idea what I was singing about." So true.
WHAT a FUN read!!!! Clever, witty, creative while still being masterfully written. LOVE it!