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Somehow this story seems to real to be fiction. Beatifully told. I love your MC's submission to all in God's will.
This must be a real life story given the detail you've included. That makes it all that much more touching and meaningful, relinquishing control to God's sovereign reign over our lives. Brilliantly done.
Riveting account of a dramatic moment in our humanity.

Exquisitely crafted.

I was there, wanting to embrace everyone there with the comfort of the God who weeps with us.
Now that we know this was very real to you as you wrote it, that adds such a wonderful level of poignancy. Such good writing, Kristen!
WOW, Kristen. I don't know what else to say. So real (for obvious reasons!). I was there.
Your writing of this is so compelling. I had goosebumps from the beginning, and felt like I was watching it all unfold. Thank you for letting us share this intimate moment with you. Absolutely amazing.
Riveting story. I will now have to do follow-up to see how this story turned out. Thanks for sharing.
Incredible. So well written, succinct yet full of emotion. Thank you so much for sharing this.
Oh my...this was an emotional punch, and I'm only the reader. I can only imagine the tears shed while writing this. Touching and sad...and so very well written.
This hits close to home for me. I remember those nights in the hospital room of my newborn.

What a tremendous testimony you'll have to share with others to God's faithfulness and love.
Special, special sharing of your heart/love/life/faith/
maternal spirit.

You did it so well.

Wow. This is excellent. I can't add to what the others have said. So glad I know the outcome!!
Even though I KNEW the happy ending, just reading what your son, you and your family went through brought tears, Kristen. So glad to know that God intervened and brought about a miracle. You're very courageous and sweet to share this moment of faith. Touching and inspiring.
Beautiful and moving. You are very brave to have bared your soul so well.
Oh, does this ever minister to me at this moment in time, as it will anyone in a life and death crises. What a beautiful reminder to all of us that in showing up to others, we bring in God's Kingdom to the very core of this world's suffering and agony! So happy for you and your family that this had a wonderful ending. GOD IS GOOD..
Oh my. WOW. Knowing that this is real adds a whole new layer to it, just wow. Very intense and extremely powerful, the emotions that just spill over from this piece. Gave me goosebumps.
Poignant and powerful. How often I must be reminded how much pain must be in God's loving heart. Yet love overwhelms the fear of such heartache coming our way.

At your story's close, I found myself in prayer.
Wow. I knew your family was going through this kind of struggle, but I was not aware of the magnitude of the situation unti lI read this.

This must have been tough to write, but you drew me into the hospital room with you, and I found myself praying and believing for your son. Praise God for His love and ability to carry us through even the darkest nights.