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Cleverly written with good truths within. I think I'd like to be a librarian in heaven and tell stories to little children.
So cute and fun. Great personalities you gave to your Me AND Pete. To many fun one-liners to mention - but this was an absolute pleasure to read. Even the footnote made me laugh. :)
Love your wit! I wrote one once that was along these same lines (conversation with Peter at the Gate) and it is the only thing my family ever scolded me for writing. They thought I was being disrespectful of a holy encounter. Yours was definitely NOT disrespectful... just pure fun.
Humor writing is definitely your forte, girlfriend! This just made me grin all the way through--so much fun!
Tee hee...this was a fantastic St. Pete story. So very, very funny with a touch of warmth. Loved it.
Absolutely priceless! Your humor here is just what I needed tonight.
Love it! And I want to be next to you in line when we see the REAL Peter at the Gates--ahem. You made me laugh-thanks!
So very humorous and enjoyable to read! Well done!
Very cute! Congratulations on your win!
Congratulations... I'm not surprized at all.
You have a great sense of humor! Congratulations!
Congrats on placing 2nd with this one. Truly an enjoyable and entertaining read.
Congratulations! This is so fun, and you deserve it.
Such a joy! I can hear Saint Peter chuckling.

You're gifted. You are gifted with the gift of making smiles.
Congratulations, Sheri! Chalk another one up for great humor. We love reading your writings.
You are IT girl.
Just so fantastic!

I think if you had italicized the word [moves] in the first side note about St. Pete -- it would have made it even better. Just for added emphasis, you know? :) I just love that line and scene. Hilarious.

To do humor and do it with such freshness and originality is A GIFT.

I applaud you. I could kiss you! :)

I hope you are writing a book, Sheri. :) So many people would be blessed.
Too too fun! My favorite line: "Aren’t there churches that believe you have to earn your way into God’s Kingdom—why not let them do all the work?" Congrats on your EC!!!
Great piece. Good inspiration. Congratulations!!