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A horrific story. My only answer: God hasn't forsaken them. We, His hands, feet, and heart, are too busy with our own concerns to carry out our part of the redemptive plan His Son died to put into place. Excellent writing, and a story that needs to be widely read.
Great title, a moving story and an uncomfortable theme. I'm not sure how helpful it is to leave the question hanging in the air. It strikes me that a number of people are going to read this piece and want to do something about it. And just sending some coins to a bunch of film-makers isn't maybe the best response. So what can be done for the forgotten victims of the LRA's atrocities? You tell me.
Chilling--written exactly the way a piece like this should be written, without mercy for the reader. I was both educated and moved. I love the open ending, because of course we all search for answers and many times they do not come. Powerful entry!
Powerful piece about a subject that is so hard to deal with. As Christians, we know how God's heart is broken in this. He gives man free will...look what we do with it? We should be screaming out to Satan! It is his work.
While we may not be in a position to affect these directly, there is always something we can do. We pray, we help those who are in our circle of influence and we tell others about Jesus. He is the answer.
Simply heartbreaking, and such an important lesson we must learn. I was appalled, but blessed by learning of these poor children.
As your story shows, so often it is young people with tender hearts who care so much about atrocities to others. May God awaken my own heart to prayer for these lost little ones. I am reminded how Jesus loves the children. Your story is powerful.
Powerful story. It is so sad that children are used in such an awful way.
Heartbreaking. I feel ashamed that we have it so good while all these children are suffering. Wonderful job telling this horrifying tale; you've got me in tears.
Oh, how horrible. This was wonderfully written, drawing me in and wanting to know more.
This is a horrific and humbling truth within this piece...these children are invisible because we allow it. Wonderful, wonderful writing on a gripping subject.Superb.
Thank you for sharing this unbelievable existence. If this is not a cause to fight for, then what is? Very emotional and compelling. It's time to start doing something to help these kids. (Great writing, too)
Excellent title. Those poor little souls, and what they have to go through to survive. Thank you for sharing this heart wrenching story.
I love how our kids are so aware of world problems now and want to get involved however they can. Very good piece.
Message received! Very well communicated. I like it when a piece involves my soul and spirit as well as my mind. Great job.
Congratulations on your placement, and on your EC! Very moving writing and even more moving reality. There is no fairness this side of heaven...but thanks be to God that He sees all and that nothing escapes Him.
Yet another vivid reminder of how fortunate we are, and how obligated we are to help those who are not so fortunate. Congratulations--very well done!
Congratulations! Excellent writing. I love the way the Mum was first aghast at the thought of her son joining an evil gang, then lulled into a sense of peace, and then - WHAM - hit right between the eyes! You brought the terrible suffering of these children (and their families) very much to light. Good job.
Gripping and heart-breaking.
And the UN is worried about whether we use corporal punishment, make our kids do chores, and "brain-wash" them with our religion. There are much bigger fish to fry.
I felt like the MC's mom at the end. Numb. The horrors that happen to innocent kids are heart-wrenching to hear or read about--but thank you for writing this. We all need to be aware of Satan's evil, so at the very least, we can pray.