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I kept waiting for the battle between Buddha and the dragon. I wondered how you would tie it all together and you did it beautifully with your last line. Great writing.
A very amusing story and I learned a lot about Komodo dragons!
I've seen Komodo dragons at the zoo. I'm glad I've only seen them when they're behind VERY thick glass! I would have preferred the Buddhist temple, too! Well done.
Hmmmm, stay on the ship and swim, or wade through dangerous dragons and snakes. Not sure I get this. Good writing tho', and I learned a lot!
I like this format - original! The casual writing style fits it perfectly. It's clear to me which port stop made the biggest impression on the blogger. My only ink is that I wish you had had enough words to give that much detail about the entire trip. I enjoyed this a lot.
Cute and clever - love the title! Great voice.
I chuckled at the end. By your title, I was thinking as I read, "So when does Buddha beat the dragon?"

Silly me. I caught on in the last line.

Thanks for the warning about Kimodo island. I think I'll avoid that port.

Good job.
Oooops, I meant Komodo.
Fun format, very witty voice, and you've made me even more detrmined than ever to never go on a cruise. One of the best titles ever, too!
Excellent job of presenting so much information in an entertaining fashion. Lines like 'Dedy explained that the houses stink for a while, but the smell eventually goes away.' and the one about the baby monitors hiding up trees to stop their parents eating them cracked me up.
Heehee! This is a fun entry! I liked the ending best of all that really explained your title to me. Great stuff!