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Hmm, the apple doesn't fall from the tree does it? This is so good. Lord forgive us for being less Christ minded and more worldy oriented. All of us can relate to this, I am afraid, in one way or another. Great job! Loved your characters and dialogue. :0)
Love the title—and the lesson hits right where it hurts. Well done.
Oh my! You captured a lot in this: the luxury of the cruise, the familiar intimacy of the older couple, the 'am I being irresponsible?' doubts of the mother, the pain of their children not turning out the way they had hoped... Excellent job!
One thing I couldn't quite work out was whether there was supposed to be an irony in it - the couple grieving about their children forgetting the Lord, while they themselves are spending Christmas on a cruise ship with no mention of any opportunity for worship. With the disastrous previous year, possibly the cruise was the only way they could 'come away' with Jesus and rest. I couldn't make up my mind which way you intended it to be read. Or perhaps the ambiguity was intended so it can speak to different people at different levels? Certainly a very clever entry all round!
This is quite a unique perspective.
I'm taking it that the reason for the cruise was her near breakdown the year before?
It's too bad the kids didn't miss the parents... hmmm
You give me something to think about.