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What a novel way to bring tremendous meaning and teaching to the theme. Very well done.
What a really memorable piece of writing! Unique POV, fascinating voice, and the characters of the parents are totally unforgettable. Awesome story.
This is a winner! Very well done! Charaterizations and point of view are excellent.
Incredibly well done 2nd person POV!
LOL I love the insertion of "Pepper your gravy" in the paragraph where you have the bombshell request to move back home. I can see that your character Peal must have haunted you. :) Then your italicized, "Somebody wants me." really hit me between the eyes. Great message! You are so talented, wow!
What a deep, creative well God has given you. It is a true privilege for us to read this kind of writing that raises the bar of excellence for all of us...we demand a book, already!
Excellant writing! Unique story and a winner!
Memorable? I'll say! This story is, as well. What a unique perspective for the topic.
Sha Bam - this one rocked! Really like the POV, the humor along with the angst and message. I am in awe, truly.
Love the uniqueness of this piece. It made me smile, and I thoroughly enjoyed the read.
What a unique experience! I'm not sure anyone would really do that....but it makes an interesting point to ponder!
Sensational writing. Your first half is so incredibly sharp. I'm kind of glad that you changed tack or I might have been left with an odd taste in my mouth at the end.
One mild criticism would be that I thought the middle section was too brief and needed either to be expanded or deleted.
So are you planning to hit an off-week any time soon and submit only an average story? Just as the rest of us lesser mortals seem obliged to do...
I have no idea how I missed this the first time I read the entries in masters. Awesome writing. I loved the repeated 'Don't cry'; The hard exterior hiding the desperate longing inside. I have heard of so many ways to salvage a falling apart marriage, but handing the husband over to the wife's parents for a year is definitiely a new idea!
Love the twists,turns and endings and especially liked this phrase:"let fall. Your father has taught him to carry a handkerchief."
Very good. Very smooth.
It's too bad her pride kept her away from her parents' home a whole year, but good to see she finally overcame that.
Wow. What a creative take on this topic. Loved it from start to finish. The Somebody wants me. line really got me too... wow.
An unusual and beautiful story. I couldn't guess at any point in the story where you were headed with it, but I did like where you ultimately arrived!
Wow. I'm glad I went searching for this. Great story - Creative - Certainly memorable. Really appreciated how you allowed your mc to be so very open. The way you showed her emotions really drew me in. :)
I loved loved loved this one.. and I want to share it with some in my life who are experiencing marital issues.. this is priceless.. thanks~