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Oooooh boy, he doesn't know what he's in for, but I'm sure he can handle it! Wow! this so reeked of cynicism - just like it should, and just like it reflects the reality of soooo many! I loved it!
I long for the same. Simple worship, in a simple church with no powerpoint production and no show to intertain.
This nailed it.
Nice job! Great commentary on the dispassionate faith of many in our country. I find it strange at times that American believers go over to other countries like China to 'train' their leaders, when we should actually be learning about serving Christ from them. Nice ending, as well.
I love your title. Too many don't know that cynic does not mean you can't possibly be a Christian. Good job with perspective from other nations.
I would say a very enjoyable read but I rather suspect it's not meant to be 'enjoyed'. Powerful writing that searches and exposes our preoccupation with 'XMas'

By way of contrast I work in Mozambique where Christmas is hardly noticed - no trees, no carol services, no Christmas cards, definitely no Santa. Even its name is changed to 'Family Day'. Personally I prefer the Western version, even if we have to filter out all the junk
I love the voice of your MC, and the descriptions especially. The end is just right - hope you finish this story some time.