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Oh, this is a hoot! I love the title. I wonder what OD posesses a 4:30 a.m. bargain hunter.
Phew; I'm glad I don't live in that house! I think your nailed your characterization of ocd.
This was incredible. What superb characterisation. I'm looking forward to finding out if the author is male or female!
Hmmm I'm thinking this was almost the pot calling the kettle black--each spouse with a personal obsession from shopping, to fixing the lights. I enjoyed the story very much.
I love the "battling obsessions" here ;) Great characterization!
What a great title! I loved this, "he also has to have a precise pattern to his lights. And the lights have to start and stop at a specific place in the pattern. Red, green, blue, orange, white. Repeat." and later… "he 'sensed' something wasn't right"…LOL What fun!
I bet everyone knows somebody that's OLD. Fun take on the topic. Nice Job!
Nine hours of shopping?!?! That would be my worst nightmare!
Fun story of the things that drive us as individuals.
I had read this earlier but it was in the middle of the night and my comments would have been a mess of typos,grin. So, I thought I would comment now and I'm glad I reread this. What a cute story and you are gifted at writing humor. Nice touch! I agree with some of the others, the way you showed how the hubby and wife pointed fingers at each others idiosyncrasies is so true to life. This is very relateable. I would have to say though that as much as I like shopping 9 hrs would do me in, and I'd need feet replacements, grin. Great job!!!
Wonderful characterisations! This story made me smile.
: ) Oddly enough, I think I live next door to them! Great characterization.

Oh, this is fun. Love the humor and congratulations on your EC!
This is fantastic!! I love everything about it, well done, and congratulations on your win!!
Love the voice of your MC, smooth read, great story. Congrats on your EC!
CUTE! Congrats on your EC. This is my favorite line:
...and a Keep Christ in Christmas display—like that helps make this electricity-induced nightmare credible. LOL. Great job.
LOL. Love the "he sensed something wasn't right" bit. It'd be funny to read this story from the husband's POV.
Wow! My husband is BOTH of these characters...he shops at 4 AM the day after Christmas (electronics only, doncha know), AND he's OC with his Christmas lights! LOL. I've learned to:

a. leave a list for the first problem


b. make a cup of cocoa and enjoy the lights for the second problem. (:

Love this story!