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A good laugh. How many times have I heard the wrong words sung! (And probably have sung the wrong ones myself unknowing!!)

This is awesome and so very clever! Thank you for the laughs tonight:)
I loved this story. I think I agree with Kaylynn's interpretation of some of the songs. It's sometimes difficult to make sense out of the more traditional hymns and carols. Thanks for adding some humor to the challenge. Good job!
Too funny! What family can't relate to a child singing the wrong words to a song? Of course, those children are usually under the age of 8...hee hee...Well written and very cute!
I love this so much--there's nothing else like it this week, it's HILARIOUS, and it contains word play, which always makes me happy. 5 stars from me!
This one is great fun and with terrific dialogue. Well done!
LOL! Inspired humor. Very creative!
Nothing like some good Christmas mondegreens. This was fun! Thumbs up.
I love the different take on the topic and it's so much fun. Great job!
So funny and original! I loved it!
A story I can relate to and laugh hilariously at myself in the process. I butcher every son I sing with incorrect words. This was uniquely, wonderfully entertaining.
That's funny. Kind of like "Our Father who art in heaven 'Harold' be Your name." It's hilarious how kids hear the words we say and transpose them into something completely different. I am not surprised by a grown child not knowing the correct words, unless pointed out. There are still songs I find myself surprised to finally find out what they are really saying. (LOL)
The laugh-out-loud humor here makes this entry a favorite with me.
Priceless; and to be honest, if the mom hadn't corrected the daughter, I'd have never known : )

Gloria in "excelsior" aka Gloria in excelsis Deo
Oh this is just great! My favorite so far... I really did LOL - Love it!
Oh, this was soooo good! I loved it! what a breath of fresh air to read a story like this. I did take note of the Christmas in September detail! Very clever.I expect to see a ribbon on this one.
Good chuckle - reminded me of my younger sister singing (Rudolf) "and they shouted out with glue..."
Wonderful! I love the creativity and humor in this piece. What fun!
LOL I have been teased mercilessly by my parents for my own lyrical blunders. Very cute!
Now that I've stopped laughing, I can write a comment. Sheri, thank you for giving me a good laugh. This was so good! I've never thought carols could be so confusing. Wonderful, absolutely wonderful.
This is fantastic! Congrats on your win, well deserved!
Congratulations! What a wonderful, entertaining take on the topic. I think waffles and figgy pudding should become a Christmas breakfast tradition. Thanks for providing he with a healthy laugh this day!
Congratulations! A well deserved win. Brilliant word play and just great fun!
Congratulations. This was certainly fun to read. You had me smiling.
Oh my goooooodness, my kids made me read this to them because I was laughing so hard. I laughed again as I read it to them! Masterfully written! Congrats on 1st place!
Sheri, I just read this and your words blessed me with laughter--you'll never know how much I needed that today. Thank you so much for this wonderfully witty story and congrats on your well deserved win.