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This is awesome! Such talent. WOW!
I enjoyed the uniqueness and perspective of this journal.
I liked the tone of the MC and the way you layed this out. Very clever take on the topic.
Great pacing--this builds to a crescendo just at the right place--wonderful ending! Nice job, Catrina!
I like the back and forth of the song and first person narration... Well done!
Beautiful, interesting, and very creative...making it one of my favorites this week.
Wow, this was awesome. One of my favorites this week! Love it!
A wonderful entry! You had the language style just right for the times and created a masterpiece.
Wow. Outstanding work here! Not only is your writing superb, but the way that you formatted the piece made it even better!

You should get top honors just for being able to format that start properly at the end. LOL! Sometimes it's hard to get the HTML tags to work just right.

All kidding aside, this was VERY GOOD!
Whoops. I meant to say format that "star" properly in my last comment. :)
Cat, this is simply wonderful. It is a diary complete with musical accompaniment. It is as if the 3 kings were inside the writer's mind, begging their story to be told. And told it was, so well. And the star? Well, that was a little magic that made this complete...a little surprise present just like at Christmas
Beautiful - and gorgeous language (how long did you spend formatting that star????). Very well done, dear Cat
This is an incredible account from the eyes of one of the magi.
Loved it verse by verse the story behind the story. Creative and relevent.
Very creative! Loved how you wove the song into his narrative.
Lovely! Creative and well written. And, as others have said--I love the formatting. Well done!
Very creative - I liked this piece very much. :)
An incredibly unique entry. The descriptions of the journey blending with the words of the carol - superb!

Wonderful story, Cat, simply wonderful.
Awesome. really enjoyed reading this piece.
Very beautiful!
I love this, "fishermen plucking their livelihood from the earth's generous fount" and "barren moorland to the foot of a treacherous mountain range seemingly inhabited only by clouds" Your title is perfect for this wonderfully written account.
I enjoyed reading this so much. Very creative, entertaining, well-written, beautiful story. Loved it.
Catrina, I'm going to feature this on the Front Page Showcase for the week of Dec. 27. Look forit on the FaithWriters' home page--and congratulations!
WOW! Thanks for the blessing! I'm so happy this was showcased and I got a chance to read it!