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Oh, very good. Left me wondering what he was in for. You definitely got me at the end.
Well now, here's my guess: I assume he's in a mental institution. This is a very sad entry but you did leave us a ray of hope at the end.
Excellent! I love the surprise of the setting at the end. Before that I was picturing a senior center or something of that sort. You used "medal" instead of "metal" to describe the door, but most likely you already saw that after you submitted it. (I hate it when that happens! :-)) Very engaging piece!
Really well-written, and the flashback is seamless--awesome! I have a hard time imagining people playing Life in prison, but I suppose they could...Love the double meaning of the title.
This is masterfully written and perfect for the topic. Your hanging ending left me curious, but now I can choose it! Excellent!
Wow...what an excellent piece. I loved how parts of life were revealed, the touch of mystery, and then a surprise ending. Mostly, I like how it left the reminder for all of us that no matter what hardships we've had, life can change. Beautifully written. Great job!!!!
Wow! This is really good. A reminded of how every choice we make can affect our game of life. Great job!
Powerful entry! The slow revelation of the setting was quite effective. Nice double take on the topic. Great Job!
Congratulations on a win for a wonderful story--don't know how I happened to miss it. You can feel the mc's despair at the results of his anger and see a glimmer of hope. Great writing.
Congratulations on 4th place, my friend!
If it was in irrevocable action leading to t locked metal door and a unformed guard, my only question is: did he murder her or the other man? This was very good, and I was totally surprised by the end.
Very creative! I liked how you interwove the memories into the story/game.
Congratulations on a well deserved win! This is very well written and I loved how you drew us into the story down to the surprise ending...
This is really good! I love your ending! ...thanks for the reminder.
I loved the way you threaded memories of a life that was good but slowly went off the rails throughout the game. Good message, too, that like the game, life is not over simply because it looks bad.