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That certainly would be embarrassing for a teen. Thanks for sharing.
This was a fun read, but I'm glad it wasn't about me! Growing up is hard, isn't it?
The voice in this entry is very authentic. She tells teh story just as I assume a teen would tell it. Good job.
I really felt like I was snooping in a teen's diary. This was a fun read. Kudos.
Ohhhh... so painfully embarrassing. I liked that you had all of the diary entry in one big paragraph... thats how I always wrote when I was a teen.
You had the young teen voice, the tone, the abbreviations, the form...everything! Loved the last line, too.
Very good, almost too good, I think you've had ample experience in this area ROFL

Good job, I laughed all the way, especially at the run on jumble of the last paragraph.
I enjoyed your "super big" paragraph too...and your ending line "cuz my Mom is so not cool" ... that made me smile. :)
The teen's voice is so authentic, I could feel her "pain." The long paragraph was perfect, just as a teen would do. Excellent job with the topic.
Ok, I still write like this when it's just for my "diary" cuz no one else will ever see it and I just write what I'm thinking however I want to cuz I don't care about sentences & stuff.

I love love love it! :)
This is extremely good. Great for the topic and entertaining at the same time.