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This just made me laugh and laugh--from the lists (which I could really relate to) to the moose calls (which I imagined in the funniest possible, toot-like way). Great title, entry all around.
Such a well prepared mom with a list and an answer for everything! This was fun to read. Your underlying humor is wonderful.
Great entry. What a lot of fun!
This was hilarious. "I like, no need lists." Too funny, too true. What a fun entry. Loved it.
Ha, Ha, Ha! Love it!
My mother says she doesn't believe there are moose in Maine because in 30 years she's yet to see one. Maybe she needs to call them, "Here, Moosey, Moosey!"
This was great fun! Well written and just plain delightful.
List?: Check! Yes, I live by lists, too...and often need to write on my list: "Take grocery list". This is so funny! I waited outside in my yard once for more than hour for the "deer family" that my neighbor insists comes between our houses each morning in the winter. Been here 17 years and so far, no deer family to be found. Yeah-we list people are certifiably nuts...we'll do anything to get to make that check mark.
Sounds like our family vacations. great job with the humor and the descriptions.
Wonder how you got these 17 year old boys to do moose mating calls - don't think mine would, but maybe he just needed a twin. Your subtle humor is excellent!
Oh, this was funny! I enjoyed every single word of it! Well done!
As one who comes from moose country, I laughed all the way through your story. Up north, we don't have to look for them—we have to avoid not getting in their way! Well done.
I love that they were all trying to decide whether they wanted that once-in-a-lifetime experience! Great job capturing the classic family vacation.
This was great fun, and I liked the fact that it didn't end with the expected "our-patience-paid-off-and-we-saw-the-moose" ending. It was all very real and believable.

Just one note...pronghorns are antelopes, not elk.
Fun story! I like the un-predictable ending - not spotting the moose.
Fun read! I suppose a Rocky and Bullwinkle rerun wouldn't suffice for your checklist?
I have always wanted to visit Yellowstone and see a moose (the park isn't too far from where I live in Colorado). So just the subject matter alone was enough to interest me in this story. From there, you took me on the moose hunting adventure with you, and I could see the lists and hear the mating calls in my head. Very fun entry!

Thank you for sharing.
Hey Sheri, Congrats on another Editor's Choice!!! Bravo!
This is hilarious and love the details. Congratulations on your EC!
There is always one member of the family who doesn't understand that vacations are for relaxing, definitely the MC in this tale. Great capturing of the average family, but I'm sure on the next Moose hunt the MC will go alone. A pleasure to read. Congrats on the EC!
Ah, lists - yes, couldn't live without them! Your MC sounds very familiar - lol!
Great read and very real ending. Congrats on your EC.
Sheri, this is just over-the-top hilarious!! Super congrats on your EC.

(p.s. I had a cat named "Moosey" many years ago. :) )