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I suppose one of the sisters could have written the recipe out for the other, right? But on the other hand, I am preserving the fading pages of my mother's old scribbler filled with her recipes as thought they were the Dead Sea Scrolls.

I love the disintegrated-in-the-blender touch.

Good story.
Great title. Love the feistiness of these two ladies, and the reconciliation at the end (along with the twist!). Good stuff.
Oh, this was so cute. I could just see the sisters interacting. But it's too bad they don't have the recipe anymore. I kind of guessed it had fallen into the batter, but I thought they would find it. :)
Ah! NO!! It can't end like that. Now, we'll never know. Very creative.
And I wanted the recipe! You captured the feisty sisters so well with their words and actions. At least, they had the special dessert one more time and repaired their friendship. Good job.
You should write more stories using these two characters. There are wonderful!
Great, great, great characterization. You are getting so good. God bless.
These two sisters are a hoot! I was expecting one of them to come up with "whatever" on a fork full of pie, but the lost-in-the-blender ending was a cool twist I didn't expect. And I was still guessing what was hidden until the end. Nice job with this topic!
I really enjoyed this story and the two sisters. It was fun to read and I'm guessing it was fun to write too! Thanks for sharing! :)
I loved these characters immediately. Pearl's upside down magazine and look of surprise when her sis doesn't find the recipe in the sugar are as rich as the dessert they devour. The names for these two work well with the title. I feel like you might have told us a bit too much in the ending. I'd like to end with just the two of them. But that might not have emphasized your theme enough.
What a sweet and touching story! And quite interesting that you included a foreshadowing to the next week's challenge topic ;)
These two are classic tragic fools. Great job.

The only spot of red ink I could find to add (since you asked) would have been to make them realise their mistake- perhaps to find the last scrap of parchement when they served the lst slice?
I loved your two sisters. They were just adorable. Your story kept my attention from beginning to end. Great writing my friend.
I knew after I read the first few words that I was going to love this. Anything with seniors, especially senior *women*, ranks high with me. Your characterizations are wonderful, and the message is, too. Two thumbs up.
I enjoyed the realistic dialogue and vivid details that place your reader in the scene. I loved the sisters!
Nice plot, great descriptive details of setting, and super characterizations. :)
Nice touch on the title and naming the characters. I was sad at the end that it was disintegrated, although, I found it quite amusing. Nice work.
Great characters, great story, great job ... Did I mention I thought it was great?
Oh man, I didn't see that ending coming. I had a feeling that what they were searching for had something to do with food, but I didn't expect it to be a recipe that ended up cooked. Very deserving of the highly commended award given to it. You are definitely a master of words, Kristen.
Another great story by one of my favorite writers. This one was a hoot. Congratulations on your EC!
This was so rich in characterizations...I loved the sisters. Congratulations!
Congratulations on the EC! Your descriptions made it easy to picture these two stubborn sisters, and nice wrinkle at the end.