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I love this. The title is perfect and "covered with feathers" was more than enough since they were HIS feathers.
This is wonderful. Is it a true story?
Oh. Duh. In my hurry to comment, I missed the last line that explained this IS a true-ish story. It's priceless, and thanks for sharing.
Delightful story. I loved the humor all through it, as well as the perfect message.
Wow! What a beautiful example of God's grace and protection. The touch of humor was priceless.
Ohhh - so cool! I love that it's based on a true story. Wonderful.
That sotry reminded me so much of my mother and her struggles to remember things like Bible verses. Thoroughly enjoyable!
A wonderful reminder of how God can work in any situation.
Everything about this is good--from the title down to the very end. I hope you place high with this one! Kudos!
Loved the title, loved the story, loved the humor. Loved the final line... "I remembered exactly enough"
Woo hoo! Victory! I dearly love stories about seniors. Loved your lady and loved the subtle touches of humor in this otherwise serious piece. Five stars from me.
This is so delightful...thank-you for bringing a smile to my face and showing (as well) that God does care and works in mysterious ways!
This one was fun. I enjoyed how she couldn't quite remember the leader's name--then got it completely wrong at the end. I would have loved to have been there when you heard the story this was based on. Well done.
WooHoo...congrats on your EC placement! This is a fun story that packs alot of truth into it. Since I've been dealing with lots of senior citizens lately and have had a few "senior moments" myself, this is a story that rings so true to life. Great writing, great story, and a perfect title.
This was awesome...a delight to read. Thanks for the laugh! Congratulations on your EC!
Awesome! Love the title. God keeps His word.
You have a God-given gift!
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