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Key truth: Make new memories wherever you are. Nicely done.
Great work! This clearly shows that home is where you make it.
Oooh, would love to live in that house! What a neat idea to have a grandkid room:) There was a typo I found, no big deal but you might want to fix it. Should be scalded, I think. Really liked this story:)
“We may be sentimental, but we’re not stupid.” I love that line. It was a perfect conclusion to the story.
I loved this...I adored the husband's wisdom to bite his tongue, and the reference to the Walton's made me laugh out loud. Great story telling!
Definitely saw where this was going, but I LOVED the ride anyway. Great ending too - love it!
I totally enjoyed the house tour. This sounds like what we did... a big house so all the family can come and visit... but it's not where the kids grew up. :) Great story and creativity.
Oh, I love the idea of a "grandchild room"! I need one of those (but I need a grandchild, first).

You did a great job on this tender story.
"We may be sentimental, but we’re not stupid." LOL That gave it a little spark.
My kids would love this house!! Good message.
Liked this take on the topic and the old adage is apparent here, home IS where you are...
LOVE the personalities in this piece, which you brought out so well. Great job!
I loved the remembrances of the home they grew up in. I really identified with this story as I remembered our children coming home with their families to our new big house with room for all. Our son drove his family by the house where he'd grown up on "Brookdale Avenue." He told them and us, "I'd remembered the yard as much bigger." You wove a wonderful story around memories.
Ahhh, just the right feel to this place! I loved the old memories of Poppy lane, so funny! The dialog flowed so easily here, it made me feel as if I were standing just outside the room and listening in. Great job! ^_^
I'm so glad that the kids didn't say they they wished they were still on Poppy Lane. It was nice being able to look back and enjoy the memories there, but that new house sounded totally sweet! :)

Thank you for sharing. I enjoyed this.
I could just picture all of this going on and hear it too. Maybe because I've had similar talks with my family.
Well-done and rings all so true. Loren
Well done Kristen with excellent details throughout, Thanks for sharing it!
Congratulations, Kristen!!!! So happy for you to get 5th place overall! It is SO deserved!!!! Happy dancin'. ;)
Really great piece, Kristen! Congratulations!
Congrats! I'm so glad this one made it! ^_^
Haha. Taking care of the kids and snagging an EC at the same time. Just another day in the life of Mrs. Kristen Hester. LOL. Congratulations!
Congratulations on your EC, Kristen. Excellent dialogue, and wonderful story.
Great story. Congratulations on your win. I could relate to the crowded, humble home where we would all be happily together, joking and jostling, but happy to be back home after being away at school for six months...Those happy reunions will always be special...(School was a Christian high school our parents sacrificed to send us to.) ... Home is where the heart is.
Kristen -- Congrats on your HC and EC with this!
Very good...sentimental without being maudlin. Well done.
Congratulations, Kristen!! This is a lovely story, full of wonderful descriptions and characters.
Congrats, Kristen! Love your story. :)
Great story! I don't think I'd ever like a house much bigger than Poppy Lane ^_^
Excellent, so much happening here. I thought the grandmother was missing the point in thinking her kids would come because of the house. And you showed that they did not. But also cute that at the end the kids show they will enjoy the new house anyway.
Good story! I haven't checked in in a while, but every time I do, you're winning something. ;)