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ROFL! Okay, this is simply too funny! I didn't even think for a minute that this could be blibical until the near end where he said he was a "Mama's boy" the whole ego part with doing push-ups and the usual rough housing made me have to laugh at this. Especially at the "uncle". Great job with putting old characters into a completely different and new light! Your talent shines wonderfully here! ^_^
Absolutely the best play/skit I've read on this site! Clever, funny, very easy to visualize, and it's also very do-able as a real skit. I'd love to see it done. The ending is outstanding--this is a super-strong entry!
Oh SO clever! A complete delight, and I had NO clue this would be Biblical - but of course, now I can completely see it! This must have been a blast to write - it sure was to read!
What a fun read. I love how you managed to get some Bible characters in it, too. Thumbs up for this very creative piece.
Great title. I started wondering about thier identities when you wrote about the "smelly animals".

Loved the tussleing that went on before the wild ride.
Delightfully creative and so much fun to read.
I'd love to see this skit acted out on stage by young twin brothers.
Wow-it all started in the womb! Very visual and descriptive and a most unique retelling of this Biblical duo. Clever, clever, clever!
The title totally dragged me in. This was so good, so very good. I'd love to see it performed as a skit. What a hoot!!
Oh, I'm clapping in praise! WEll done! Love it, especially the ending!!!! With the right actors, this would be an incredible sermon opener--for adults and youths. Love your title too! ;)
Congrats on your EC, Sheri! This was soooo terrific!!!!