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So well written and meaningful!
I loved the opening and the closing matched it! Very, very nice job.
There comes a moment to let go of the "why?" and reach for the "what." What's always there to meet every situation? God's grace. Well crafted story.
Well done. Enjoyed your slant on the topic. We all need grace, don't we.
Oh wow--the ending took my breath away. What marvelous grace!
How sad. Makes me wonder why autopsy results have to be told. They are very hurtful sometimes. Very nice writing.
So tragic. Very unsettling story until the last three lines. What power His Word holds.
Incredible ending to a melancholy story...loved it.
You know my own mother left this earth tragically and I had to leave the why in God's hands, too. But in reading your story I still was wanting a different outcome 17 years later. Your ending was right on. I'm ever grateful God is constant.
Very well-written account of the accident and excellent internal dialogue. It ended a bit abruptly for me, but your conlusion is right on.
Praying, Sheri. :)

The ending is incredible - and you put me right in your mind during this whole thing. The voice was just right too. Well done.
This was so powerful that it is almost overwhelming with grief and the guilt felt by the children for their honest feelings and questions...but your ending could not be more perfect. Indeed, His grace is sufficient. Amen.
Sheri, I'm sitting here trying to put myself in the MC's shoes-no way to do that-but I want you to know how sad this made me feel, and that I went through a similar kind of grieving; time heals some wounds, but not all of them. What ifs can be so hard to ignore, but His grace IS sufficient. And that's all that can be said. Wonderful writing.
Thank you for sharing your inner thoughts and hurts. Well written and powerful. I do want to comment from a medical stand point though. Yesterday I was driving home with my wife and asked her, "what if I had a stroke and suddenly the car veered to the left, across the road." She reached over to grab the steering wheel and would instinctively pull the car quickly back into the right lane. A hemorrhagic stroke can cause an immediate lose of consciousness causing the above.

No one knows exactly what happened. Dwelling on the "what if's" doesn't work.

You are absolutely correct in His grace being sufficient. God bless with His comfort.
As usual, you moved my heart in all the right ways. But this:

Daily, the ensuing silence suffocated me.

Until today.

Today, I received the answer.

My grace is sufficient for you.

I just cannot put into words how much this ending touched me.
How wrong is it for me to say "I loved this"? Is it okay to say that about such a sad, tragic story? Wonderful job in telling this.
Wow. Amazing stuff. There's a lot going on, very powerful.
Perfect conclusion to one of life's many questions that cannot be answered. God's grace really is all we need, He really does hold everything in His hands. This is something I have come to learn during 'questioning' times too.
A very moving story. You did a great job of expressing the pain and frustration of unanswered questions and of loss. I'm glad you found His grace to be sufficient.
This is so good I wouldn't even know where to begin to toss the accolades. I kept thinking "Wow", "my goodness"
"oh, dear, no." You touched me deeply with this! I kid you not.