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What a touching story.Well done.
Nice story.
So touching and well-written. The two seem like a perfect match.
Other than the message, my favorite part of this piece is the way you gave the details away in pieces, all while keeping it flowing smoothly and adding the necessary details to put the whole story together at the end. All the marks of a brilliant writer. Well done.
Awesome job at protraying this man's depression...lovely ending. Very strong entry.
I can't imagine the pain many mothers and dads feel on special holidays without their children. Your descriptions were just right in this story and portrayed the pain of the MC's loss vividly.
True or not, you had the tears streaming down my face, a sure sign of excellent writing.
I concur with all of the above praise.
This is neat, tight writing with some great description thrown in. I loved your first two paragraphs; I felt like I was there. I do have some questions. What happened between him and his parents? Being the nosy person that I am, I'd love a sequel. Very well done.
Ok, I re-read this, and I'm still not sure. Did his parents die? Forgive me for being so dense. Everyone else seems to have gripped the message, but I'm still confused.
You successfully brought tears to my eyes...wonderfully done.
My favorite part of this was the boy's letter to the man. It really tugged at my heart.

I was a little bit confused as to what happened to the boy and the mother. At first I thought they left the man, but then after looking the story over again, I think they may have died.

Your masterful writing shines in this piece. Thank you for sharing. :)
Okay, this was very touching and a story surely able to soften the hardest of hearts. Give and it will be given back to you in kind, what a wonderful, powerful lesson.
This is really good. I felt the MC's pain. Loved the ending. Awesome job with the topic.
This is great! I loved Brody's poem in the card, that was sweet and just what that Dad did need. Great job, I loved the ending, it was absolutely perfect for this piece! ^_^
Wonderful take on the topic. No parent should have to bury their child. I felt for your MC. Loved the 'pay it forward' ending. Well done Peter, well done.
Very well-done - and poignant. I cried with him, and my heart lifted when his did. Great job, Peter!
Congrats on another E.C., Peter!

This was incredible. Congratulations on the win, but more, congratulatins on what you've put into words so well.
Congratulations on your win. Thank you for taking the time to explain everything to me. It's a wonderful story....I'm just dense. Congrats again.
So glad for your EC or I might have missed your fine story. Everyone has said it all! Congrats.
Beautiful story, wonderfully written. Congrats on placing with this!
Congrats on your EC! ^_^ So glad this one made it!
Congratulations on your EC, Peter. I'm so glad to see this one place. Excellent.
Congrats on the well deserved EC. I have read such wonderful entries this week but yours was the first to have tears spill down my cheeks. Great build up of why he felt the way he did, and amazing characterization. I loved this.

Thank you also for your kind words regarding my "Like your Folgers Coffee" entry.