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As one who never knew one set of her grandparents, and barely knew the other set, I appreciate the message. Well done.
You wrote James' impromptu speech so convincingly! His "ums" and his "'cause"s, things like that--exactly the way a 13-year-old would speak.

The snickerdoodle ending is charming, and has sent me off in search of cookies. A strong entry!
This was awesome...very creative take on the topic...and FYI, MY grandma made the best snickerdoodles:)
Love the ending - and a great job with the "impromptu" speech. Good job!
I love it! The dialogue is fantastic and the whole idea so clever...great way to tackle this topic!
James shows a lot of wisdom that many should heed. So many precious memories there to be kept for later one, yet perhaps many grandchildren miss them due to life's hectic pace.
I enjoyed Fishing in the Fish Bowl. Thank you.
You had James' uncertainty and nervousness down pat. Very, very well written. I loved the ending. Super job here!
I loved this for so many reasons. First, I may be teaching a speech class next year so I got a great idea for my class. The dialogue is so perfect and I felt I was sitting in the class listening to his speech. I just really love the concept of this entry. The ending gave me goose bumps. I just think this is totally great!
This is so well-written. The flow is outstanding, and the dialogue is excellent. From title to end, this was extremely entertaining. Well done.
This is such a great entry. I love the class setting and the dialogue of the boy-very endearing and realistic at the same time. It makes me want to send my son to the phone right now to call his grandparents. Though they are quite stand-offish with him, I bet they'd still enjoy a phone call.
A very good take on writing a story about grandparents that isn't the same as all the rest! The fish bowl activity and the great dialogue was creative and made it interesting to read. This should do well!
I like this! And I really like James! The ending made me smile with Mallory inviting him to join her and her grandmother to bake some snickerdoodle cookies! Sounds like fun-I loved his 30-second 'blurb'. This is special. ^_^
This entry made my heart smile. So creative and touching and sincere. Wonderful job!
Can't we all learn from this. We must make time for what is important. Great message and delivery.
Excellent message, well put. Since I knew who wrote this when I read it, it was a little tough to get through. So I was right there with James in his discomfort and determination to speak to his peers.

I love the line "the dorky things are what you’re going to remember when they’re gone" How true.
Congrats on your Editor's Choice, Sheri! Doin a happy dance for you!
***Congratulations-I'm so glad this made it!***
Sheri, I'm still smiling at the warmth of this piece. Congratulations on your placing - Loren
Congrats on another great entry. Wonderful story!!!
Congrats on your EC. This is a lovely, heart-warming story.