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I really enjoyed this story--a journey of remembrance and continued tradition. One of my mom's best desserts was chocolate pie. She left me a hand written recipe. I took months painstakingly translating hunks and "a littes" till I got it perfect, so I was right in the kitchen with you.
Wonderful voice, both loving and sad, tender and witty. A perfect balance that felt very real. And I laughed out loud at "no sweaters". I'm right WITH you there!
You pulled me in and kept me there in your procastination and efforts to recreate the mom's presence--beautifully done.
I almost cried at your special find in the freezer. Great illustration of the topic.
A lovely, lovely story! You captured well the range of emotions of that first Christmas following a loss. Great piece.
This felt so melancholy, so real, it held me from start to finish. You completely captured that dreaded first Christmas without someone special. Oh, and you illustrated the topic with ease. Loved it.
Oh how this brought back memories of my mother making divinity candy and chocolate and caramel fudge for Christmas. Lovely story and right on topic. I love the sights and feelings you managed to get across. Well done Sheri :)
What a delightful recounting of memories dear to your heart (and your tongue :D)
I had almost forgotten about Divinity! Now my mouth is watering. I enjoyed reading this story. It was a beautifully written memoir and followed all the techniques of memoir writing!
Great job!
I was touched by the concentrated effort by the sisters to take over the duties. Perfect for topic, great lesson about procrastinating. Thanks for sharing!!!
This is bittersweet, wrapped with the grief of losing your parents and the sweetness of special holiday traditions. I loved how you blended the two together and I felt so bad for your MC when the divinity didn't come out right! Great job with this! ^_^