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All throughout this difficult time in a mother's life is silver shining throughout. From her time in prayer, to friends reminding her of the truth, through her new empathy for others to being able to share her testimony for God's glory, this one stands out as an example for the topic. I could feel the mother's desperation but also see her faith. It ministered to me.
Boy-oh-boy, is Danielle right! Parenting is the hardest thing I've ever done, too. This is a great story that will reach many of us moms with kids still at home!!
wow...great story. Lots of people will relate to this one!
Oh, yes! The ultimate silver lining behind a very dark cloud: leading someone to Christ. Great job with the topic, and the writing is first class.
Great job describing the mother's struggles. I believe God often allows us to go through trials so we can encourage others.

One tiny typo: You put coach not couch.

Thanks for sharing this story.
Praise God! This does provide hope. I "hope" many people get a chance to read this. Great job. I could feel her desperation.
Very good story--I could really feel this poor mom's weariness.

I felt that the last paragraph lost some steam--sort of rushed to summarize.

The character of the mom is extremely sympathetic, and the story is a great, compelling read.
This story brings to mind II Corinthians 1:3-4 "comforting others with the comfor with which we are comforted." Perfect for the topic.
This really sums it up--"When she had only her two mild-mannered daughters, she might have been judgmental, but not anymore. After all she been through with her own son, she felt only compassion."

Good story for the topic. Authentic ring to it. What silver lining could be better?
Opportunities are all around, and your MC didn't miss hers. I'm glad she witnessed.
This is very well written. Thumbs up.
I see I am Not Alone in liking this. An all around good read. Thanks for sharing your talent.
Kristen, very good story. Real, so real to so many mothers. -- Laury
As the brother of a mentally challenged sister with behavior problems, this story really reminded me of my own mother's struggle. I watched as she toiled for years trying to raise my sister (and two other kids at the same time). God has used the difficult times to strengthen all of us as a family, and I am amazed at how strong of a woman my mom is.

Thank you for blessing me with this wonderful story.
What a realistic perspective of motherhood, with an awesome silver lining. Great job.
Great story. I feel for mothers whose child has problems whether known or not diagnosed. I am so grateful that my three children were "normal" for want of a better word. Your MC will certainly be a blessing to her new friend. Well done Kristen.
Great story! This is a wonderful reminder that all things work together for the Glory of God. Thanks.
The mother's tiredness really comes through. Your story flows nicely and helps someone who doesn't have those problems, understand a little more. Great ending - which is what it's all about anyway...sharing the hope we have in Him. Excellent writing by the way.
Awww, a heart-warming piece. That's for sure! I'm glad that they found each other and could offer some encouragement and support. The ending was really nice and I liked the names-good job. Especially with the realistic (and gross-lol) part with picking his nose...good job. ^_^
Great job, as always. There's something so real and pure about your writing. Whether you've lived through it or not, you make it so believable and down to earth. Your ending was awesome- I hope Chrissy finds Jesus!
I could SO relate to this frustration, and I am CERTAIN there is someone out there who DEFINITELY needed this message. Thank you for being faithful to share it.
You just have a gift for characterization and helping us relate to your characters. Enjoyed this.
I think many of our hard times are so that we can say, "Been there, done that", and be able to reach out to someone else for the Lord.
Kristen, you do an excellent job with this subject matter. Great empathy for the MC, and always hope at the end. Very good writing.