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This sounds just like something I would do. I love the putting on of the happy family faces for church. Great writing.
Very good take on the topic and a great illustration of how immature we can get when we're mad. :)
I'm still snickering over that last line--she would've been up there forever. Great example and a humorous take on the topic.
Super story—and oh so true!
What a relevant, everyday example of the topic...well, not everyday I hope, but you know what I mean. Excellent piece that does a great job of making its point. I love this line:
So, how is my plan working so far? I’m hungry. I didn’t get my brown boots. I missed the basketball game. I have a sore hip from the hard floor. And … no one seems to care.

I loved all the examples you used to show how your mc was biting off her nose to spite her face. She really didn't punish anyone except herself--excellent "showing" the topic.
"A day of tranquility" oh yes, how very true... true that Satan tries his darndest to cause trouble. This was well written, right down to the thought processes of the MC... yep, that'll show 'em. Good example of nose cutting there.
Ha! This was fun! I loved your ending line. :)
I liked your MC's voice in this piece. Great ending, too.
HA! This was a hoot to read, and hit pretty close to home for me a few years back. Well Done!
This is so entertaining and perfect for the topic. Love it!
Oooh...who can't see their own family and themselves in this piece? It doesn't take a giant mistake to produce the same result. Great illustration of the topic in an ordinary, everybody-does-it kind of way. An eye-opener!
Oh this is soooo true-to-life. How many times do we think "that'll show them" when the "them" won't ever realize they're being "shown". Great example of the topic.
Cute and clever - I LOVE the voice! Wonderful writing, Sherri- and, of course, I've been there.
I liked the way you wrote t.v. in lowercase letters. It really made me laugh and think about the teensy my bedroom. ( I think that's why you used the lowercases?) I, too, related to this story. It was a great way to illustrate the topic! Is it only women who retire to the bedroom for so-called revenge?!
What? Snooping again? That's not nice, you know.
Actually, it's been many, many years since I refused to go tree hunting with the family.
The voice in this was oh so authentic because it sounds so true to life. I had to smile, though because it helps put things in perspective and lets us see how silly we can be at times.
Ahhhh, I liked this. Very, very good. God bless.