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Ouch. This one could've fit to a "stick your foot in your mouth" topic, too. Ouch again! Isn't it so true that kids help us keep things in perspective. YOu did a great job showing both sides of the topic, and I enjoyed every well-written word. It was entertaining.
This was great. The end was a tad unrealistic; it's a pity that you had to fit it into the proverb because having it end right where Caroline says, "except you," would have been perfect. The story would fit very well in a children's ministry magazine.
I enjoyed the story and could identify with the disappointment of the drama leader; however, I'm sure she found out with experience that the children's flubs are sometimes the most fun parts of the program.
Oh! Great story and great reminder to keep silent.
This is very entertaining and a great reminder to "keep thy mouth shut." Excellent job on topic.
Ouch, talk about the MC putting her foot in her mouth after having done such a great job of reassuring the poor kid. I felt the article would have ended perfectly at the "...except you." comment.
Hey, I didn't think this was 'ho-hum' boring at all, Kristen! It illustrated the topic perfectly, and I almost gasped out loud when I realised Caroline was listening to what Allison was saying. Well written with a good lesson.
You made the characters of Allison and Caroline very real, and my heart broke for poor Caroline.

I wonder if she would have been able to "recover" so quickly from hearing Allison's real feelings?

This was very creative, and spot-on for the topic.
Cute story. Your descriptions are wonderful. Thought the little girl "bounced back" from the comments too quickly, though. Overall, well done.