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What would Jesus do? It seems he spent a lot of time with a LaTouche kind of crowd. Lots to think about here. Nicely done.
I absolutely love this story. I would love to think that somewhere there are women involved in a ministry like this. Kudos to these gals for reaching out in His Name. Good story
It amazes me how many entries we get each week on the hypocrisy of Christians, and this is an awesome example--it's just so sad that Christians can be like this. I find this ministry inspiring, and I got goose bumps with the repeated "for such a time as this..."

Now we just have to learn to treat each other with grace...
Excellent and very thought provoking. You nailed the topic in a memorable way that packed a wallop.
Nicely done.
It is a sad thing when we as believers, like sharks, feed upon our own. It is, of course, God's opinion that truly counts.
A complex MC with a difficult decision. On the one hand, she's judged because of the strippers. On the other - how will the women rescued by the ministry view her in light of her friends. I hope there's a ministry like this out there. Very interesting tie in with the scripture from Esther.
I've never even given this type of ministry a thought! It makes sense, though, that the women who are involved in this job need the Lord very much-what a ministry that would be.
This is well written and so very true. It really touched my heart because it sounds just like the ministry we have at church The WIN Team (Women In Need). A team of men and women go out every Thursday and Friday night to minister to the "Highway Girls". Their stories would break your heart. You have captured the attitudes of some of the church members so well.
You've posed an interesting dilemma for the topic. Nice job!
Beautiful writing and I, too, loved the repetition of the scripture verse. A good handling of the MC and her situation.
This messages certainly deals a powerful punch. Indeed WWJD and I think we know the answer, but facing the hypocrits is so so dificult. Great way to present this week's topic.
Very thought provoking and well written piece.
You got your point across here very well.
Your title is excellent, it caught my attention as I settled down for the read and you didn't disappoint. I felt sad for Hillary who felt that she had to minimize her 'good looks' to fit in and be normal. I'm glad that she went with Marlene though to offer hope where some people wouldn't. This was great-you have a good message here! ^_^
Great life lesson here, thanks for sharing and thanks to joanne's list, or I might have missed it. Keep up the good words.
Another strong entry .. .glad I'm not judging! You did very well with this! Great job!