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Ohhhh, wowwwww. This is just brilliant writing. I just thought I knew what the ending was going to be. Your last line is perfect.
Love is found in the last line - wonderful!
Your ending is great! I wondered all along what that doctor did as I read your MC's misgivings.
LOVE the last line - masterful. This was well-told. I enjoyed it.
I like you story. The caught my intrest. I assumed it would be about someone who lost money
Wow! Not only did you nail the topic but you had the perfect ending! Wow!
Your last three paragraphs were stunning...almost like time crawls to a stop for that moment of realization. Awesome.
Your last line is powerful. I think you nailed the topic here. The reality is haunting, but it fits the character you've described, I'm glad that you ended it the way you did and brought the story full circle-especially with the last line. A favorite of mine this week! Great writing! ^_^
I loved the ending, too. A solid demonstration of why you are in masters.
I can't say that the doctor's specialty was a surprise, as that is a subject to which my antennae are rather atuned.
I was captivated by the story from the beginning and the end did not disappoint. Excellent writing!
Indeed blessed with a gift of discernment. If more of us wouldn't just pause but for a moment to listen to that still, small voice within. I enjoyed this and the tenacity of the MC to follow up on her hunch and then the turn around at the end...the paradigm shift - great, thoughtful writing.
This is a perfect gem of a story.
Spot on perfect. Great job. God bless.
Wow, that caught me off guard. Excellent story.
Congratulations on your EC! I'm so excited that fabulous piece will be in print!
Wonderful story, Sheri! Congratulations on your EC!!!
Wow. Wow. Triple wow. This is excellent. I'm sorry I just read it. The ending was PERFECT. Congrats on your EC. It is very WELL deserved. God bless.
So glad this made it to EC, or might have missed it. So perfectly on topic and what a great ending. Keep up the good words.
Congratulation on your EC win. It is well deserved!
I'm glad this story was recognized. It was very, very good. Congrats on EC, Sheri!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wonderful. Powerful. Congratulations!
Congratulations on your EC placing.
***Congratulations, Sheri!*** I'm so happy for ya! ^_^
Great writing, and a fabulous last line. Congrats, Sheri!!
Wow, what a great ending! Not that the rest of it wasn't good too, of course, but the ending was just an "'ooh'-out- loud" kind of ending. Well done!
Wow... just read this for Jan's class. Excellent. What a perfect ending.